Transmission Flush

Transmission Flush in Winston-Salem, NC

When to Get Transmission Service

There’s no cut and dry rule for how often you should bring your vehicle in for a transmission flush. Every vehicle is different and every transmission ages differently, primarily based on how it’s driven. In general, transmission issues develop later in your vehicle’s life and remain a concern until you retire it from the road. Every 30,000 miles or two years is a general rule of thumb, and our technicians will discuss with you whether that suits your vehicle. For vehicles with transmission issues, it could manifest itself in many different ways. There are five common signs you may begin to notice if your vehicle needs a transmission flush.

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Our technicians specialize in transmission repair, and these issues above are part of their daily schedule. At Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care, our customers come to us because of our reputation for efficient service and economical repairs done right. For nearly a decade, we have served our community and have a customer base that sets us apart from the competition. Come by our Winston-Salem location today to see us at work on vehicles with needs just like yours. You can find us at 5350 University Parkway, Suite C or call 336-767-8301 to make an appointment.