Transmission Repair in Winston-Salem, NC

Transmission Experts in Your Town

When we updated our Winston-Salem location to the Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care brand in July 2012, we already knew how customers would respond to having the transmission experts in town. We hit the ground running, and our customer base has been strong from the start! We receive referrals from other auto shops, walk-ins who recognize our name, and personal referrals from satisfied customers. Our 3-Step process sets us apart from our competitors because it addresses your vehicle’s needs and your needs as the owner. Call our shop today at 336-767-8301 to speak to our knowledgeable staff about how we can improve your vehicle’s transmission performance.

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What Does Transmission Failure Look Like?

After decades of experience with transmission repair, technicians at Cottman can identify issues in your engine quite easily using our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. We understand most vehicle owners don't have this equipment at home, and the signs of transmission failure aren't as obvious to the untrained eye. That's why we listen to you, the vehicle owner, to learn about what is going on in your vehicle before we even begin our inspection. Have you noticed your gears creating a grinding or clunking noise? This could mean that over time, the gears are not moving as smoothly, and these noises are literally the banging of engine parts that are not supposed to meet. Fluids also play a large role in your engine health. Poor quality or simply old fluids are not as effective as a lubricant or coolant. Drivers may notice a burning smell or even some smoke if their vehicle is in need of a transmission flush. If you are experiencing any alarming noises or smells in your vehicle, it's important to have it inspected immediately, and at Cottman, we offer free transmission inspections!

Exceptional Customer Service

Being a part of a larger brand with a purpose, as a Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care, we place customer service as our top priority. It starts from the first conversation where we discuss your vehicle needs and it lasts for 12-months or 12,000-miles. That's the length of the warranty we offer on all of our services! After your initial inspection, we'll discuss our findings with you and suggest a plan for the repairs your vehicle needs, choosing the most economical services to meet your needs. Transmission repair does have to be a headache and it doesn't have to be a different language. Our technicians are happy to answer all of your questions to inform you about your repair at every step. Come by the shop today to have a look at our team at work. You can find us at 5350 University Parkway, Suite C.