What Is A Transmission Cooler And What Does It Do?

Transmission Coolers

Introduction To Transmission Coolers

Did you know that the average transmission fluid needs to be between 175-200 degrees Fahrenheit when it is not in session of towing anything? Here at Cottman Transmissions and Total Auto Care, we would like to introduce some tips on how a transmission cooler could be beneficial for drivers with heavy-duty vehicles or in the business of towing. Most vehicles have radiators with built-in transmission coolers to provide sufficient cooling to prevent the transmission from overheating. Transmission fluid begins to circulate while hot and must be cooled before returning to the system. This can be tricky to take all in, so let us give you some tips on what to acknowledge about transmission coolers.

Where To Start?

Whether you have a towing truck company or carry heavy cargo on your travels, it is important to note which transmission cooler is right for you so as not to strain your vehicle. Auxiliary transmission coolers are a good recommendation to recirculate and keep transmissions fluid cooled for such circumstances. There are three main types: Tube and Fin, Plate and Fin, and Stacked Plate. Tube and Fin types are inexpensive and work great with older car models but are inefficient with overdrive transmissions. Plate and Fin are smaller and mid-level styles than Tube and Fin, so they will cost a little more. Sacked Plates are more effective, and because of this, they are the most popular. These are more expensive because, despite their small size, they are way more durable and efficient in cooling larger amounts of transmission fluid in less time than their competition. The heavier you anticipate your cargo to be, the more you will be recommended to pick the most advanced model for your towing needs. Beware of transmission overheating and becoming burnt. Stay alert to both, as transmission fluid has a habit of overheating and can cause costly damage if not handled immediately. Burnt transmission fluid can be recognized by its smell, but if you notice your transmission leaking a bright red shade, it is best to have this managed immediately.

Need More Help?

Ready to take the next step to find the best transmission cooler for your vehicle? At Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care in Greensboro, North Carolina, we offer well over 20 years of experience, and our doors are open to getting you the best results for your towing needs. We offer a lot of specials, so be sure to check our website daily to find out more. Our doors are always open during our scheduled hours of operation, so be sure to book an appointment with us online by calling or visiting us in person so we can set you up with the best transmission cooler our shop offers.