Transmission Rebuild vs. Replace

When Your Transmission Fails

What Are Transmissions For?

Every car owner has different vehicle needs and expectations, especially regarding performance. Sometimes, we want a flashy or fast vehicle to show our friends and family. One thing is certain – performance parts can be very costly, and many of us consider buying new ones to prevent complications later. You may not always need brand new parts, of course, so let Cottman Transmissions and Total Auto Care in Winston, North Carolina, help guide you to decide whether you should consider a new transmission or build on the one you already have for your next car project. It is important to know that there are manual and automatic transmissions. Transmissions are a gearbox that uses a chain and gear shifter system similar to a bicycle’s. Sometimes drivers interchange or enhance these parts depending on their performance needs. So, how do you decide whether to opt for a new transmission or work on the one you already have?

It’s All About Preference

Transmissions are not cheap. That is very important for any driver to note whether they are buying or maintaining one for any reason. It is recommended that drivers do their research to note what fits their needs and reference their vehicle’s manufacturer manual for recommendations. We are here to help answer any questions and concerns, but what exactly makes the right fit for your vehicle? A brand-new transmission will ensure perfect synchronization with your engine. This means that the transition will be smooth when you shift gears, whether automatic or manual because the gears and rings have been precisely fitted. To have a transmission rebuild implies that the core gears and alignments will remain the same, but the gaskets, seals, and other parts are brand new. A transmission rebuild is more cost-efficient than buying a brand-new one, especially if the transmission shows signs of failure or complications.

How We Can Help

At Cottman Transmissions and Total Auto Care in Winston, North Carolina, we are committed to helping you with any transmission comments, questions, and concerns you may have. Our doors first opened in 2002 to offer more than 11 years of skills and expertise for your vehicle. Check our specials to assist in your budget needs. To schedule an appointment, please visit our website, call us, or come visit our shop in person during our hours of operation. We will be more than happy to guide you through transmission rebuilds and replacements.